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Cup Concept

Screen Printing Company "Gernrode"
Reusable cup printing

Siebdruck Gernrode GmbH
Harzstr. 10
06493 Ballenstedt OT Rieder

T: +49 39485 6107-10
F: +49 39485 6107-29

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Order taking and advice: Marion Bartels +49 39485 6107-10

Management: Marko Niekamp +49 39485 6107-10


Certified food safe colors

The printing on different materials requires individual procedures and pre-treatments. The quality of the ink adhesion and thus of the printed product is crucially dependent on this. Many years of experience, especially in the printing of plastic products, justify our know-how in body and planographic printing.

We have a wealth of experience in the decoration of consumer goods in terms of food law. In addition to the use of the appropriate colors, it is of central importance to achieve an extremely strong adhesion of the colors to the decorated object.


We print with special colors as well as CMYK screening. We are also able to print motifs in raster print up to a fineness that is unusual for screen printing (up to 36 rasters).

High accuracy of fit and color conformity of the prints belong to our standards.

For every order, quality and delivery reliability have the highest priority.

Becher Bedruckung Siebdruck
Screen Printing Company

Siebdruck Gernrode GmbH

Tel.: +49 39485 6107-0
Fax: +49 39485 6107-29

06493 Ballenstedt

Tel.: +49 39485 6107-0
Fax: +49 39485 6107-29