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Cup Concept

Cup Concept Austria GmbH
Consulting, Hire/Purchase, Rinsing Service Austria

Sales manager: Gregor Wessner 
Tel.: +43 1 3961277

Fax: +43 1 236 52 89 99
info @

Goldschlagstraße 172
1140 Wien

Matthias Schwarzmüller

Reusable cups hire or purchase

Hire cups
Whether you want to hire cups for major events, or if you  temporarily need more cups for a catering event, we’re certain that we’ll be able to make you an attractive offer.

Purchase cups 
Advertise with your brand, event or club.
Printed reusable cups are extremely popular and relatively inexpensive fan items. Purchase printed reusable cups. Available even in small quantities.

Merchandising cups
We acquire licences for national and international bands, artists and major events in the music and sports industries and accompany them on tour.

Customer pool cups
We are happy to serve your own customer pool for you. We can advise you on the required quantity and the cup design and take care of the entire logistics as well as the cleaning of your reusable cups. 

Reusable cups rinsing

Our large-scale rinsing plants have both the highest performance in all categories and the lowest consumption rates:

  • Lowest water consumption
  • Less than 30% energy consumption
  • Less than 30% cleaner consumption
  • Lowest exhaust air emissions and temperatures
  • Significantly reduced amount of water to be dried

Printed rental Cups

CUP CONCEPT reusable cup "Stage Cup"

CUP CONCEPT Stage Cup red
CUP CONCEPT Stage Cup green


Reusable Cup "Design Cup"

Reusable Cup Design Cup potisk Ed Sheeran, EAV, Novarock

Reusable Cup "Arena Cup®"